A proper drainage and waterproofing systems system – whether you’re building a new home, renovating, or have been occupying your home for many years – is important in helping preserve the beauty and value of your home. Our experts will assess your property and recommend different systems to divert water away from the home and prevent it from getting inside.

Our experts will assess your property and recommend different systems to divert water away from your home and prevent the water from getting into your dwelling.

We design and install professional drainage and waterproofing systems for both the interior and exterior of your home.


-  Drainage Pipes for Roof Leaders: Install drainage pipes underground that connect the water from your roof leaders away from the foundation to the street, seepage pit or near by stream etc.    

-  Channel Drains at the entrance to garages: Are used when the garage floor is lower than the street elevation.

-  French Drains: Perforated pipe with crushed stone and filter fabric to catch the water and divert the water to another area.

-  Seepage Pits: Are large concrete tanks used to hold water in conjunction with drainage pipes from the leaders.

-  Re-grading of property: Is to divert rain water away from the foundation.

-  Window Wells: Are used when the dirt elevation is higher than the bottom of the window sill.

-  Sealing foundation walls:  Exposing the foundation wall on the outside and applying waterproofing fabric.

-  Storm Drains: Is a concrete box with a steel frame and grate used to catch water on the property and divert it where needed.


-  Dry Well: Is a 2 ft. diameter by 2 ft. deep cylinder installed in a basement or garage to accommodate the sump pump.

-  Sump Pumps: To pump water out the foundation wall and connect it to exterior drainage pipes.

-  French Drains: Are installed inside the basement around the foundation walls to catch the water and bring it to the dry well.


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